I was born and live in Italy - Vicenza. My artistic experience passed through comics, illustration, stencil art, silk-screen printing and toy art. I work since 2014 on a character called " Melanzasca and S.O.C." 

( Ordinary Decent Criminal in english ) 

Melanzasca is sculpture and\or Art Toy inspired by the italian's gang mobs of 50's and the legendary and romantic bandits such as Horst Fantazzini, Ezio Barbieri, Kociss and so on.

The S.O.C gang consists of:


Alias:  2fingers

Abilities: bankrobber  and gunslinger

Origin: belongs to a romantic working class underworld of gangsters.

Description: hungry for Twix snacks, bully-boy, and cranky...but most of all a gentlemen.



Alias: The Jawbreaker

Abilities: skillful boxeur

Origin: descendant of a long line Madagascan’s pirate

Description: crusty, motormouth and cigar smoker ( from midnite on )

 and many more to come...