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Melanzasca - LOCCH

  • Melanzasca - LOCCH
  • Melanzasca - LOCCH
  • Melanzasca - LOCCH
  • Melanzasca - LOCCH
  • Melanzasca - LOCCH

This piece of art is accompanied by an ACCORDION BOOK which describe his criminal childhood
1. WHEEL/HEARTH/KNIFE – The wheel is reminiscent of the first theft, a hearth and a knife is a friend to be avanged, perhaps a long lost brother who helped in the robberies.
2. LOCCH – In the Ligera Milan's slang is a lowdown good for nothing who lives by dirty money on the edge of society, but non violent.
3. SHIP – Tattoo done aboard the brig Mary Pool
4. CROSSED KEYS/CHAINS – means the daring escapes
5. ANCHOR/FISH – The close bond with the pirate and boxer Oliver The Jawbreaker
6. 2K – His biggest win
7. SWORDS - The 5 swords in the Marseille's tarot cards is the symbol of the jail
8. KNIVES - people carrying knives
9. S.O.C. + CROSS - Symbol of belonging and close bond to the codes of the S.O.C. Semplici Onesti Criminali ( Ordinary Decent Criminal ) As the robbers were crucified next to Jesus, the cross indicates the same criminal attitude
10. SUN - Somoeone who was born in the neighborwood of sealers and smugglers called Il Villaggio del Sole
Polimer clay sculpture and acrylic color
• High: 17 cms aprox.
• Width: 11 cms aprox.